May 112010

Kaitan Village is located just outside of Tsumei Village, where Solorian and I departed to explore Panjiang Peninsula. Aside from a few kappas, there are few dangers to living in this village. The sunflowers grown here can sometimes be double the height of a man, and you can often find farm children running through them.

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May 102010

Knowing that the exploration would not be very exhausting, I decided to wait in the outpost for several hours. Hearing that monks often meditated here I tried out meditation for myself. At the time I expected Solorian to tap me on the shoulder, I opened my eyes and found Akela D. in front of me and my expected friend beside him. I don’t like to take too many people with me when I explore Shing Jea because the limit on groups leaving the outpost. However I made an except because Ritualists are so versatile. Solorian decided to bind defensive spirits, and Akela D. would do so with angry spirits that attack our foes.

Seijun Woods is located just outside the Ran Musu Gardens outpost. Mantids can be found here, and just beyond the woods you can spot kappa.

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May 072010

Revisiting Minister Cho’s Estate after clearing it of Afflicted brings back painful memories. Solorian and I have both witnessed perfectly healthy people being overcome by a sinister disease and turning into monsters. It’s not the sort of thing you forget easily. If you are an adventurer, you have of course seen necromancers exploit corpses and summon forth undead minions. Turning into an Afflicted one happens while you’re still alive, not when your life ends. Poor Minister Cho was turned into one of these creatures when I was escorted to the estate with Master Togo and Yijo Tahn. Even though this is a tragedy, some people cannot stop gossiping about who will take over the estate.

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May 052010

Revisiting Shing Jea brings back a lot of fond memories, and Sunqua Vale is no exception. My friend Solorian, a ritualist, offered to help me explore the area just as I was preparing to leave. I was reluctant at first, but he persisted and promised that he would not be a burden.

Everyone who shows promise as an adventurer has to meet their trainers in Sunqua Vale. Master Togo completely runs everything, choosing trainers and students alike. Not everyone I’ve met is crazy about their first trainer, but they deeply respect Master Togo. I for one, would not want to spend most of my time wandering the (dirty) streets of Kaineng City. 

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