Nov 042009

I am so excited to explore Kryta because it reminds me of Shing Jea Island! It’s also nice to get out of the cold Shiverpeaks and relax on a warm sunny beach.
Unfortunately I do not know very much about Kryta’s history, outside what has happened since the White Mantle took power after the Searing. For example, I know the names of nine Emperors from Cantha, yet I do not know the name of even one Krytan king!
I tried asking Salma, the last Krytan princess, but even she wouldn’t tell me. What is with all the secrecy? Not to speculate too much, but are the White Mantle actively trying to erase the history of the old kings?
Anyways, lets continue on with Scoundrel’s Rise. I will talk more about the White Mantle & Kryta in the next area.

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