Aug 142012

After fulfilling the Flameseeker Prophecies, our actions have released a small army of titans across Tyria. It was foreseen by Glint that the mursaat would die in such an event. Even after the death of their race, titans persist and now threaten humans and dwarves.

Through the power of her ancient magic, she may live inside a tiny grain of sand, but a small monument has been placed here in Droknar’s Forge to commune with the dragon. This vision of Glint gave Erolin S. and I instructions to destroy a titan lord and its army in Mineral Springs.

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Jan 292010

Nox decided to join me once again, this time helping me explore Stingray Strand and onward into the Tears of the Fallen.

This is by far one of the best areas of Kryta to explore. Running toward some seagulls, the thought of battling monsters escaped my mind. I was too busy breathing in the fresh air, listening to the cries of the seagulls and the sound of my feet hitting the sand.

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Jan 252010

Upon entering the Twin Serpent Lakes area with my good friend Nox, we were confronted by mergoyles, skales and tengu. These encounters usually put me in a bad mood, but with such a scenic location I feeling at ease.

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