Aug 222012

200 years ago, when Shiro Tagachi unleashed the Jade Wind on Cantha, the guardian of the Echovald Forest, Urgoz was corrupted. All of the trees in the forest turned to stone, and it corrupted the previously benevolent creatures of the forest, such as Urgoz’s wardens.

Perhaps due to their constant struggle against the Luxons, the Kurzicks have sought help from outside to deal with Urgoz and his wardens. I encountered this same situation earlier when the Luxons invited adventurers to kill Kanaxi and his outcasts.

Drawing from my experience in the Deep, I asked a few friends from within my guild to explore Urgoz’s Warren. To my surprise, one of the people I asked had extensive knowledge of Urgoz’s Warren and gladly accepted my invitation. Without further delay Yoruichy, Robin, Mischa, and myself followed Bunny K. into Urgoz’s Warren.

Bunny notified us of the many traps and hazards in Urgoz’s Warren. We could hardly step a few feet without triggering suicidal vampiric creatures to appear. They tried to swarm us and then explode, so we spread out to minimize the fatal damage.

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Jun 232010

Today I am joined by six adventurers: Solorian, Catfish, Xia, Vengance, Cver and Claire on my exploration of the last Kurzick area. We met at the Durheim Archives, home to the most renowned scholars and historians the Echovald Forest has to offer. Not that I am able to ask any questions of them, because I am not a true Kurzick. Perhaps if I became their champion or saviour they would reveal some ancient lore to me.

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Jun 222010

It was late in the day when I met up with my friends Solorian and Claire to explore Morostav Trail. As we entered this area, we spotted all the familiar things in the Echovald Forest: stone trees, mushrooms, and moss growing everywhere. Unfortunately this is where the typical adventurer would lose interest in exploring and continue on their way to the next outpost. Unless you are a cartographer, most people miss finding interesting things when they travel because they just don’t take the time to look around.

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Jun 212010

Vasburg Armory is a beautiful and well designed outpost. It even has a huge golden statue of the god Balthazar. However it has one flaw, the only Xunlai vault boxes are located on the other side. So when I had to travel out of my way to get a few things from storage, it really surprised me to go back to the center of the outpost and see Catfish, Xia, Vengance, Solorian, Cver, and Claire eagerly waiting to help me. I’m not sure what motivated all of them to accompany me. Perhaps the haunting melody of the tree singers beacons travels to return and visit the Eternal Grove again.

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