Feb 272010

For the exploration of Skyward Reach, my long time friend and native Tyrian, Erolin is joining me. This area has a lot of history, and it leads to many other areas within the Crystal Desert.

When arriving here for the first time, my eyes were drawn to a large inaccessible area with a strange platform and stones with glowing runes. Later on after completing the three desert missions, I found out that this is your final ascension challenge in Tyria. Coming from Cantha, I had already gained the gods favor and could access The Mists, by becoming closer to the stars in Nahpui Quarter. However I believe it is much more challenging to achieve ascension in Tyria, and it’s easy for me to understand why so many have died trying to ascend.

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Feb 252010

When I asked some of my friends to help me explore in the desert, I expected them to swiftly decline! So I was pleasantly surprised when both an old friend of mine and a new one offered to help out so readily. For today’s exploration of Vulture Drifts, I’ll be accompanied by Satan The Sin and Aeoea X.

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Feb 222010

After fully exploring the Maguuma Jungle, it is time for me to set foot onto the Crystal Desert. I usually do not take a lot of time preparing for these trips, but you can’t forget to bring anything when you’re in the desert! It’s also important for me to wear my hunter’s mask at all times, so I do not breath in crystal sand particles that make up the desert floor.

Adi and I departed from Amnoon Oasis, and set out to uncover the secrets of Prophet’s Path. Immediately after slaying some scarabs, we found the huge bones of an ancient giant.

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