Mar 082010

I’ve finally made my way to the last area in the Crystal Desert that I can fully explore. Leaving from the outpost of Elona Reach, I set out into Diviner’s Ascent with my two friends Erolin and Nox. The first thing I noticed was the long stretches of sand and hardly any monsters. It gives the impression that survival is difficult here.

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Mar 062010

Most travelers coming to the desert know of the best routes to use in order to avoid some of the nastier monsters here. To my knowledge, most people try and avoid the Salt Flats due to its high monster population of stormkin. These tentacled fiends love to interrupt not only spellcasters but also anyone that attacks!
Lately it has been relatively easy to find help during my expeditions, but for this area only miss Erolin was available. To be honest, it is nice that my long term friend is coming with me. I would feel bad bringing a new found friend into such a treacherous area.

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Mar 032010

Over a millenia ago, a river flowed through Destiny’s Gorge all the way to Thirsty River. Now all that remains is a shallow pool of water and the steep rocky hills. I find it hard to believe that the entire Crystal Desert used to be known as the Crystal Sea, because it is such a dramatic difference.

Since this is one of the more enjoyable areas of the Crystal Desert, I found it easy to get my friends involved. My two new friends Brother E. and D.R. Kalira, as well as Nox.

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Feb 282010

Until now, all of my treks though the desert have been mostly enjoyable. However upon entering The Arid Sea (via Vulture’s Drift), I found the sun to be blindingly bright and its heat testing my endurance. Once again, Erolin is helping me explore this area. She seems to really enjoy revisiting Tyria.

Not far from our entry point, we spotted this massive giant’s skull. The sight of it made me feel somewhat uneasy about what this area had in store for us.

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