Sep 162009

After exploring Old Ascalon, I planned a trip to Regent Valley from Fort Ranik. This area is completely devoid of formidable opponents (known as “bosses”). Perhaps the monsters in this area are just too weak to rise up and become a threat.
Just as I entered the area, I spotted some Charr rushing towards us with Sergeant Brannen in pursuit. I readied my bow and aimed at the Charr Ash Walker first. Fighting along side with the sergeant, these savages were no match for us! After the battle I wished him well and moved on.

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Sep 152009

Today is the beginning of my epic quest to explore the lands of Tyria. I decided to embark on what must be a long and arduous journey to hone my skills. Both Tyria and Cantha face new terrible threats, and the need for heroes has never been greater.

I decided to start in Ascalon, the region of Tyria that was destroyed by the Searing: a disaster brought on by the charr. My choice was not random. A fellow adventurer by the name of Erolin peaked my interest in this place. We both share the same desire to see the world and learn what we can to save it. I met her just outside the gates of Ascalon City.

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