Aug 222012

200 years ago, when Shiro Tagachi unleashed the Jade Wind on Cantha, the guardian of the Echovald Forest, Urgoz was corrupted. All of the trees in the forest turned to stone, and it corrupted the previously benevolent creatures of the forest, such as Urgoz’s wardens.

Perhaps due to their constant struggle against the Luxons, the Kurzicks have sought help from outside to deal with Urgoz and his wardens. I encountered this same situation earlier when the Luxons invited adventurers to kill Kanaxi and his outcasts.

Drawing from my experience in the Deep, I asked a few friends from within my guild to explore Urgoz’s Warren. To my surprise, one of the people I asked had extensive knowledge of Urgoz’s Warren and gladly accepted my invitation. Without further delay Yoruichy, Robin, Mischa, and myself followed Bunny K. into Urgoz’s Warren.

Bunny notified us of the many traps and hazards in Urgoz’s Warren. We could hardly step a few feet without triggering suicidal vampiric creatures to appear. They tried to swarm us and then explode, so we spread out to minimize the fatal damage.

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Aug 142012

After fulfilling the Flameseeker Prophecies, our actions have released a small army of titans across Tyria. It was foreseen by Glint that the mursaat would die in such an event. Even after the death of their race, titans persist and now threaten humans and dwarves.

Through the power of her ancient magic, she may live inside a tiny grain of sand, but a small monument has been placed here in Droknar’s Forge to commune with the dragon. This vision of Glint gave Erolin S. and I instructions to destroy a titan lord and its army in Mineral Springs.

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Aug 022012

200 years ago when Shiro Tagachi unleashed the Jade Wind on Cantha, the demonic being in the Jade Sea named Kanaxi became entombed. And when the Luxons (who could no longer sail the Jade Sea) started to mine deeper and deeper for more jade, they came across Kanaxi and were driven insane by that demon’s powers. These miners became the outcasts that we see roaming the Jade Sea. And Kanaxi’s demonic powers do not stop there; he is also responsible for all the oni found across all of Cantha.

Or at least, that is what Eurayle in the Luxon capital of Cavalon claims.

Along with members from my guild, we set out to find the Deep and investigate these claims. Setting foot inside the Deep, there a set of four portals which could teleport no more than three people into the next area. It took us a while to agree on how we would split our party for each portal, but eventually we came to find a balance between strength and support for all of them.

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Jul 012010

It was quite a devastating blow to watch Shiro kill Master Togo. Even after we revenged Togo and sent Shiro back to the Underworld, I felt uneasy. So I asked my friends Solorian, Catfish, and Vengance to help me clear out Raisu Palace. Kunnavang greeted us when we arrived and offered us the same celestial skills that we used at Imperial Sanctum to defeat Shiro. We accepted the offer and continued on our way to clear all of the Shiro’ken out of the Emperor’s grounds.

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