Jul 122011

Lei Jeng hasn’t had many tasks for me to do. This lastest one was to escort a courier to Kaineng City. It turned out to be Courier Falken, and he had a letter from Queen Salma to Emperor Kisu. Had I known who it was, I would have delivered the letter myself. Just as I entered Bukdek Byway, Falken rushed off ahead in the wrong direction. You’d think he would take advice from someone that grew up here, but no. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he demanded I wear special knuckles in case we get into a fight along the way. I think getting into a fight was his plan all a long.

He proceeded to get us into fights with every gang member on the streets. I expected some trouble, but had we taken the shorter route we’d be there by now.

Falken picked a fight with more Am Fah by a shopkeeper’s building, and caused some of his wares to explode. I don’t know if these wares were legal, but nevertheless it is completely Falken’s fault, and the shopkeeper wasn’t the least bit happy.

At the gates of Kaineng Center, Li Ho Yan of the Am Fah and Tai Soon of the Jade Brotherhood stood at the stairway blocking us. They were not here to stop the delivery, just to avenge all the gang members we’ve killed on our way here. After I helped with this last battle, he ran into the city with a smile on his face.

When I returned to Lei Jeng, he was furious with the foreigner’s actions. Even though I was an accomplice, he still rewarded me with a bit of gold and one envelope of imperial commendation.