May 242010

When foreigners come to Cantha, Bukdek Byway is the first large explorable area they visit. Slums make up the majority of houses here, with a few nicer ones belonging to a small population of well off citizens. Due to so many people living close together, the plague has swept through Kaineng City. Two prominent Assassin gangs: the Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah can be found here, adding to the mayhem already caused by the plague. Later on when I reach their strongholds, I will go into more depth about their history. For now I will explore Bukdek Byway with the help of an old friend: Luky, and six new friends: Catfish J, Xia H. D., Snuffles T., Harlequin H.

Not far from our meeting spot in Kaineng Center, we found a waterbuffalo and pug in a small enclosure. They seem to be quite happy here, so I can only assume their owner is still alive.

The guards have a difficult time protecting this plaza because the afflicted have started to escape to the surface through holes in the ground. A bar known as the Drunken Dragon which is located here, is effectively out of business until the plague can be eliminated.

This homeless Canthan stands alone with his back to the sea. The plague may help the current housing problem in Kaineng City. However the plague touches everyone. Many people have lost their entire families. I can’t imagine that such people want to continue living in an empty city.

Bukdek Byway reeks with the smell of death and dirty living arrangements. Here, it’s not only just the monks or priests that use incense, it’s everyone that wants to mask the horrible smells of the city.

Wealthier Canthans live side by side with the poor. Ministry workers can often be found in the “nicer” parts of the city.

A grand bell stands between a wealthy house and poor apartment complex.

On the east side of Bukdek Byway I found a series of barrels used to collect rain water.

With all the chaos in the city, it’s not likely that this bridge will be repaired anytime soon. Even if citizens complain, the paperwork needed would not be cheap or quick to fill out.

The lack of gangs or afflicted make this plaza a popular spot for people to gather. You can find a merchant, weapon crafter and ministry workers here.

As we pushed further on, past the plaza, Jade Brotherhood members attacked us when we reached the rooftops. Even though they were lead by Jin the Purifier, we had no difficulties fighting them.

Am Fah populate the area under these large decorative canopies. They love to employ traps that knock down and snare. Having a minion master can be a boon for adventurers because the minions set off the traps for you.

Close quarters make it easy to be ambushed by gangs in the slums of the city. Xia and myself kept our eyes and ears open, in hopes of warning our party before a surprise attack.

The six adventurers that helped me, Catfish J, Xia H. D., Luky, Snuffles T., Harlequin H., deserve much praise for their hard work. I always appreciate receiving help from strangers on my quest to document the land of Tyria. Without having friends on these expeditions, my work would take much longer to complete. It’s also much nicer to have someone to chat with.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: Kaineng City, The Marketplace, Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter)
Exits: The Undercity, Shadow’s Passage, Xaquang Skyway
Friends: Catfish J, Xia H. D., Luky, Snuffles T., Harlequin H.