Jun 052010

When Princess Salma requested adventurers to slay enemies of her country, I had no idea that it would drag on for so long. It seems like with every White Mantle or Peacekeeper boss I slay, another one rises to the occasion and ends up on the bounty listing. These defeats are small blows to the White Mantle, but I am always assured that each foe I slay weakens the opposition.

Justicar Amilyn: I remember defeating her before with the help of my friend Akela D. After slaying the justicar this time, I created a nature ritual that prevents all attempts to resurrect dead allies. It’s too bad that I have to move on to the next bounty, because I would love to see the look on the White Mantle priest’s face when he tries to resurrect Amilyn! Ha ha ha ha!

Maximilian the Meticulous: Wanted for killing many Krytan rebels during the war, he proved difficult to fight because Lani and I rely on physical attacks to take down our foes. Once we laid waste to his friends, not even the hex Empathy could save him from our killing blow.

Joh the Hostile: The description on his bounty mentioned that he sings an eerie tune while brutally killing his foes. Before we engaged in battle, Lani and I could hear him singing deep in the marsh part of the Scoundrel’s Rise cove. It’s the sort of melody that leaves you feeling uneasy and weary of what fate lies ahead of you. Since we are professionals, it is easy for us to put aside our fears and stay focused in battle.

Barthimus the Provident: At first I was a bit worried about fighting a whole group of monks, because it can be difficult to take them down when they use a combination of protection and healing prayers. However Barthimus spent most of his time “smiting” us, so it was not too bad.

Calamitous: I heard reports of this Peacekeeper leader and found out that he was a channeling Ritualist. Foes that specialize in this area can be incredibly deadly. Sometimes one ritualist foe can wipe a whole party of adventurers with spirt rift. Being a ranger, I made sure to constantly keep him dazed to prevent any spells from being cast on us while Lani and the rest of my party took down the other enemies first.

Greves the Overbearing: Just as I prepared myself for battle, Greves was in my face and swinging his axe at me. I was caught off guard and quickly threw dirt in his face, which gave me time to distance myself and better use my arrows against him.

Lev the Condemned: Women in Kryta fear being visited by Lev because she hates anyone more beautiful than her. I observed her from afar, keeping my eyes out for any weakness that I could exploit. Since Lev is a dervish, I snared her and focused on the enemy priest while stepping away whenever Lev would get close enough to swing her scythe at us. Being crippled, it gave Solorian a good opportunity to use bound spirits to attack her from a safe distance.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: Solorian D., Lani S. III