May 282010

Due to the amount of bounties Princess Salma has posted, I decided to write about the next seven encounters in one diary entry. It is nice to be able to actually fight the White Mantle and Peacekeeper bosses. After saving the world from major threats I have been pretty bored. Working on my epic diary: A Tyrian Odyssey takes up most of my time, but I am always yearning for combat.

Amalek the Unmerciful was found near a building in Watchtower Coast. Because he is a monk, I brought him down first. Whenever you’re in a fight, it’s always good to eliminate foes that could potentially resurrect their fallen allies.

Carnak the Hungry: his bounty listed that he harasses farms, caravans and settlements for food, often taking what he wants by force and killing those that try to stop him. The only thing he will be eating now is dirt!

Valis the Rampant: a ranger that uses his expertise to locate merchant caravans and confiscate goods that interest him. I showed him my “expertise” with a bow by planting an arrow deep in his chest.

Cerris: wanted by the Shining Blade because she raises an unholy army for the White Mantle. (Hey don’t my Necromancer friends do that all the time?)

Sarnia the Red Handed: at first I thought she was just a regular White Mantle elementalist, but then she shadow stepped to me and I knew instantly that she was an assassin. This was slightly more difficult than the others bounties but still did not pose much of a threat.

Destor the Truth Seeker: wanted for terrorizing Kryta and blindly following the Unseen. I could tell by his “aura” that he was a Ritualist and fearing that he would harm us with the channeling spell Spirit Rift, we took him down first. It turns out he never used that spell, but the morale of his allies fell when we defeated their leader, which helped us overpower them.

Selenas the Blunt: like her name would suggest, she fights with a hammer. I’ve always found that when it comes to “physical attackers”, they are easy to defeat if you blind and hex them with either Mesmer or Necromancer spells.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: Luky, Solorian D., Adi, N. Squirrel