Jun 042010

Finding out that Princess Salma had finally put a bounty on Inquisitor Lovisa’s head made me feel giddy. She is one of the most well known White Mantle inquisitors, and bringing her down will surely bring us closer to eliminating our opposition. Lovisa uses her “kind” personality to convince Krytans and especially their children that the White Mantle are on their side, and that the royalists worship the wrong gods. Solorian D. and Lani S. III were eager to help me on this quest.

Closing in on the inquisitor, we spotted some children in her company. I hope she does not have anything horrible planed for us. It would be despicable if she used them to prevent us from stopping her or using them against us, so that we might end up injuring them. Like the other inquisitors, a Jade Cloak was spotted nearby.

I tried to draw some of the surrounding enemies away from her, and then go in for a full assault. We ran into Nola Sheppard of the Ebon Falcon on our way here and she decided to accompany us on this quest. Unfortunately her minions drew the attention of the entire company, so we were forced us to rush in. Knowing that Lovisa is an elementalist, I came prepared and kept her dazed for the duration of the battle. I wasn’t going to let her fire off any spells that might harm us or the children. After defeating her, we escorted the children she abducted back to Beetletun where the Lionguards could help them be reunited with their families.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: Solorian D., Lani S. III