May 312010

Just as with the last inquisitor bounty, my friends Solorian D. and N. Squirrel accompanied me on this quest. The reward for killing these foes is much higher than the usual amount of 4 to 15 War Supplies that I receive for killing weaker threats. I have not seen Inquisitor Bauer in a long time, so we prepared for the worst and set out for Scoundrel’s Rise.

It makes sense that Inquisitor Bauer would return to Scoundrel’s Rise again. When he questioned Camryn Jamison about the Shining Blade, he got the wrong impression that mergoyles and skales were helping the resistance. Now on Salma’s orders to kill Bauer, I found him shouting “DAMNIT! We’re running out of mergoyles!” I can’t believe he actually thinks that he can torture evidence out of these creatures.

I was under the impression that this would be easy, but his group proved to be quite powerful. Just like Inquisitor Lashona, jade constructs were present. We decided to go for Bauer first and then finish off the constructs. Our obligation was to kill the inquisitor, if the Shining Blade requires me to comb this area for more enemies of Kryta I will do so later.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: Solorian D., N. Squirrel