Jun 242010

One of the things I love about the Jade Sea is that you can see everything for miles. Back when I was in the Echovald Forest, I sometimes had problems seeing 20 feet ahead of me. Here everything is well lit by the open sky and the bright green jade provides little cover for enemies. Catfish, Xia and Cver are joining me today on my first Luxon area. As we entered Boreas Seabed from Zos Shivros Channel, I noticed a huge ship. Catfish told me that this was a leviathan ship named the Halycon, and that the Luxons use it as a protection against Kurzicks. It can move across the Jade Sea by using the wind.

Looking up inside the Halcyon, I gained an appreciation for the craftsmanship needed to build this huge vessel. Unfortunately while I was admiring it, we were attacked by outcasts. These Luxon rebels are quite literally insane. It is as if some demonic force is controlling them.

Before we fully embarked on this journey through Boreas Seabed I pointed at two turtles that were stationed in Zos Shivros Channel. The Luxons use them to haul all sorts of stuff. At first I thought it was kind of cruel, but a lot of people treat horses and mules in a similar way. I guess these beasts have become a necessity since the Luxons cannot sail the seas very effectively now, and we all know how useful ships are in transferring goods.

Nearby the turtles there is a jade mining pit. There is rough coral at the bottom, which as you can imagine causes injury if you touch it. The Luxons are always mining jade to find objects lost to the sea, even magical items. I’ve heard that sometimes they find monstrous animals trapped within the jade!

I had high hopes when I saw this bridge, because I figured that there was a nice town up ahead.

When we reached this “nice town”, we were assaulted by the people here. One of my party members had taken a quest to defeat an enemy of the Luxons and he was waiting up ahead at the 1,000 Daggers guild hall. I was really hoping that the people here would be nice and invite us into their homes for a cup of tea. Oh, well!

Senkai had an awful lot of guards to throw at us but we stuck to targeting one enemy at a time and cut through them pretty easily. With the guild lord’s death, it seems we have done the Luxons a favor by eliminating one more threat.

We returned back to the open sea and spotted this interesting hut. It has the shell of a large turtle but obviously without the beast attached to it. To me, this seems like a great place for a merchant to live.

At the spot where I defeated Zhu Hanuku during the Convocation, the swirly aura was still present. I heard that he rises every year for the winner of the Convocation to battle and defeat him. Luxons have some strange customs.

As we approached the grassy part of Boreas Seabed, I looked back and still could see the Halcyon in the distance. I love being able to see so much of the area at once.

Nagas and Outcasts mostly inhabit the jade part of this area, whereas wallows and island guardians are in the grassy part. I’ve heard that the moss salvaged from the island guardians has a lot of medicinal benefits, but I’ve never tried it for myself.

Far from where I started, we finally reached the spot of the Convocation. Every year the Luxon champions from each clan battle to see who is the best. I originally came here with Master Togo to retrieve the Spear of Archermorus in order to defeat Shiro. Togo tried asking the Luxon leader Elder Rhea for the spear, because it was urgent we battle Shiro immediately. Unfortunately for us, this was the exact day when the Convocation was held and we had to fight for it. It is a good thing I did not fall in battle, because the world would have suffered at the hands of Shiro! Thanks a lot Elder Rhea, jeez.

More large turtles were found near the site of the Convocation. I wonder how much these beasts need to be fed everyday.

Near the passage to Mount Qinkai, there is a lovely shrine with a lot of lit lanterns to pray at. We all paid our respects at the shrine before moving on.

With my exploration complete, we headed back to the Halycon to celebrate and share some strong Luxon ale that Xia brought. I thanked my friends Cver, Catfish and Xia for accompanying me on this adventure and headed to Cavalon to prepare for the next area.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: Zos Shivros Channel, Boreas Seabed (outpost)
Exits: Mount Qinkai
Friends: Xia H.D., Catfish J., Cver D.