Jul 042011

Not long ago, I helped Jora eliminate the charr living on her homestead in Bjora Marches. There is a lot of work to be done, so she doesn’t mind accompanying us throughout Tyria. I thought it would be a shame to explore this area without Jora, so along with Elwin and Xiara we left the comforts of Longeye’s Ledge and explored the Bjora Marches.

Heading westward, we came across Gursteig’s Cavern. This wolf den was filled with Stone Summit corpses. Because of the dwarven mining equipment, I assume that they settled here before the wolves showed up.

Oddly enough, Lissah the Packleader wasn’t a wolf at all. She is a shard wolf; some kind of magical variant known to exist in the Fissure of Woe. She must have used her power to demonstrate superiority over these normal wolves.

Even though the Far Shiverpeaks are cold and blanketed with snow, the weather is quite mild. Something simple like wearing an additional layer of clothing isn’t much help when a blizzard rolls in. So I’m thankful that with the arrival of the destroyers, they at least picked a good season to bother us.

I noticed a few webs but no spider-like creatures responsible for them. If they were small enough, some mandragor may have eaten them.

The Stone Summit have a settlement in the north that is a bit smaller in scale than the one in Drakkar Lake.

Later on we found a group of them standing in a circle and summoning a powerful imp: Lord Glacius the Eternal. They seemed a bit disappointed in the size of the creature, but we made short work of them while they argued about it.

Ahh yes, this beacon of light shines down on the norn’s sacred shrine of the bear spirit. I used it to gain additional strength in order to break through the charr’s barricades that otherwise would have prevented us from reaching Jora’s homestead.

Those barricades have yet to be torn down, but I’m sure when the destroyers are defeated, Jora will begin work on restoring it.

A nice feature of her homestead is that it sits at a higher elevation, and you can get a good view of the area from here.

I think Jora was a bit disappointed with how smoothly (and slowly) the exploration went. Even so, she thanked us for helping her earlier in reclaiming these lands and also for bringing her along on our hunt. Elwin, Xiara, Jora and I celebrated around her campfire and parted ways to rest and plan out our evening.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Longeye’s Ledge
Exits: Norrhart Domains, Jaga Moraine, Darkrime Delves
Friends: Elwin L., Xiara M. D.