Aug 082012

Once Gwen started traveling with our group, it didn’t take long for her to hear rumors about her mother roaming the Underworld in search for her.

Because Sarah is a ghost and resides in the Underworld, I had to bring Gwen into the Mists to see her mother. At least for a few moments, Gwen was able to drop her guard and let Sarah mother her. I’ve seen the way Gwen shuts everyone out and hides her emotions. Even though her mother is a ghost, and we both know nothing will bring her back, at least Gwen’s scarred heart can be mended here.

Their reunion turned out better than I had hoped for. Sarah was so happy to finally see Gwen alive. She had some advice regarding where her daughter was taking her life, which I’m not sure Gwen appreciated so much, but it was good to see them together.

A year later, Gwen and Keiran Thackeray approached me after their honeymoon. They wanted to share their joyful news with Sarah.

It was a bit awkward. I’m not sure either of them really knew how best to begin their story. Sarah pressed on, wanting to hear every detail about them, especially Keiran’s history. Perhaps it was due to my presence, but Gwen abruptly ended the conversation and told me she’d come back to the Underworld with Keiran later.

Life in Tyria has settled down a bit, with the death of the Great Destroyer, Salma’s ascension to Queen of Kryta, and the troublesome conclusion in Cantha. Surely Gwen and Keiran will have plenty of time to plan another meeting with Sarah, and I will be happy to supply them with all the scrolls to the Underworld they’ll ever need.