May 212010

All of the students who graduate from Shing Jea Island arrive in the Marketplace via Kaineng Docks. However I am much more curious to explore where foreigners arrive when they reach Cantha for the first time. Tyrians and Elonans have been pouring in to help us with the wicked plague, and they begin their journey in Bejukan Pier.

I spoke with Armian about the travellers arriving here. After I disclosed that I just returned from exploring Zen Daijun, he asked me to leave the pier, because I may become infected or carry the disease. One might be offended but I understand that his fears are justified.

The only people I met in this area were law abiding Canthans or ferrymen, no Crimson Skull or other gang members were found.

Returning back to Kaineng Center, this tower and ornate lanterns are a nice touch to an otherwise unremarkable pier. I would love to spend all day here, watching the clouds or boats coming and going. Besides exploring Cantha, my top priority is to investigate the new plague and put an end to it.

Outposts: Kaineng City
Exits: None