Jul 162010

While keeping up with current events after the war, I learned that the Ebon Falcons were going to the Eye of the North today. Curious to see if they had any news of Captain Langmar and Lieutenant Thackeray, I waited for them in the Hall of Monuments. Not long before I reached the spot where Gwen stood, I turned around and saw Dian Fermati, Koro Sagewind, Lawrence Crafton and Nola Sheppard.

From the serious look on their faces, I knew whatever they found out it was not good. Gwen was very excited to see them and pressed them for whatever information they had. Lawrence was blunt and told Gwen that she was the new Ebon Vanguard Captain. Langmar had died in Kryta during the Battle for Lion’s Arch. While the news was hard to take in, she wasted no time asking about Keiran Thackeray’s whereabouts. They believed that he was alive but hurt badly. Thackeray swam across the Lesser Giant’s Basin with Langmar’s corpse in tow. When he reached the other side he built a quick grave for his captain and moved north. He left some tracks walking away from the gravesite, but after that, the tracks disappeared. Gwen ordered the group to rest for a day and then resume searching. After the Ebon Falcons left, she broke out into tears. I thought about comforting her, but chose to leave her alone instead.

I’m not sure how successful they will be in trying to find the lost lieutenant. He is a ranger, and tracking someone that can hide themselves in the wilderness is difficult. Also, the distance between the area where they found him and any civilization is far. There are no small towns on my map, but perhaps he will bump into some friendly natives. I would be happy to join the Ebon Falcons in their quest but somehow I doubt they’d ask any outsiders for help. Since the war has ended, Evennia has still not shown up. Surely Queen Salma must want to know where she is. I’ve yet to see any search parties for her though. I don’t think she skipped town with a wagon full of Krytan brandy and simply forgot to write home or got lost.