Jun 292011

I’ve yet to finish helping the norn and gaining their trust, but Ogden insisted I visit the Battledepths. King Jalis Ironhammer and the other dwarves are waiting for us there until we can amass an army against the destroyers. With such short notice, I was only able to persuade Kudos S. W. to come along with me. Everyone else must have been too busy buying “consumables” or working hard to buy a new set of vanguard or norn armor.

Heading west from the Eye of the North, we entered the Battledepths. At first it’s quite dark, and then not too much farther along sunlight beams in. Aside from the underground passage way outside Kaineng City, I have yet to explore the many Depths of Tyria opened up to us.

The dwarves mining equipment can be seen all over the Battledepths. I understand the need for it, but I think it detracts from the natural beauty of the cave.

Thankfully there are parts of the Battledepths with untouched beauty to gaze upon. I didn’t want to keep Ogden waiting though. He was eager to see the king again.

The king and his subjects settled in a grand looking part of the Battledepths. I took this opportunity to speak with High Priest Alkar about the destroyers. I thought that after I helped him with Sorrow’s Furnace that we wouldn’t have to worry about facing the Great Destroyer. We blew up the Tome of the Rubicon because it held the Great Destroyer’s true name. Apparently that is not enough. What caused such an evil being to awaken? Alkar didn’t provide any answers, and neither did the other dwarves. They kept saying that the Great Dwarf was destined to fight the Great Destroyer, but somehow I’m sure this battle will involve me pulling their weight.

Looking around the dwarves temporary settlement, I found a stairway that leads nowhere. I can only guess that it was built for an unfinished project, perhaps leading into another outpost or mine.

Just as I was getting used to exploring underground and chatting loudly with Kudos S. W….

…a small avalanche triggered, slowing our movement and slightly injuring us. It seems the depths will have more dangers for us to face than just blood thirsty monsters.

Nearing the end of this exploration we found a working portal leading into the Heart of the Shiverpeaks. I’ll have to come back and check it out another day, when I have more time to prepare for such an undertaking.

Kudos S. W. and I found a few roaring campfires. In our hostile world, the simple comforts of a warm fire are a welcome sight. I shared some of my beserker jerky (made from a type of minotaur) and we talked about battle strategies until the fire went out.

Prized Spoils: None
Outposts: Central Transfer Chamber
Exits: Ice Cliff Chasms, Varajar Fells
Friends: Kudos S. W.