Dec 252010

Only my closest friends trust me when I say that I’m only exploring enemy territory just to have a look around. I don’t intend on drawing attention wherever I go, but the smugglers in Camp Hojanu are very suspicious. They might be willing to look the other way if you give them some gold pieces, but once they learn that you’re a famed adventurer they will just keep asking for more gold. I left the outpost with my friends Elwin and Ikk to avoid raising any more attention.

After we killed a group of Corsairs patrolling the land, I noticed a door in the distance. It is made of sturdy materials to keep trespassers out. According to my map of Kourna, this door leads to an unmarked area. Maybe when this war is over, I will have the time to explore these uncharted areas.

My friends were much more interested in exploring the charted areas of Kourna. Elwin was especially pessimistic about the dangers that lurk just outside our gaze.

The mandragors of Elona love to lay in wait just beneath the surface, then burrow up at your feet and sink their teeth into you. If the way ahead looks clear and sounds a bit too quiet, mandragors are probably hiding and waiting for you to step into their territory.

Our activity in the area drew the attention of some more Corsair patrols. There is no use trying to speak with them. They have orders to kill intruders on sight.

I watched a large group of Corsairs from atop a cliff. There were three officers, each with a unit of Corsairs following them. After I watched them for a few minutes, it seemed like a good idea to draw the attention of one group at a time. I noticed that the area below joins with their harbor, and there is a narrow passageway that connects them. This is the best location to “pull” a few so that their numbers don’t overwhelm us.

Ruthless Sevad was waiting for us at the bottom of the hill. He cares more about making a profit than dying alongside his friends in battle. I was able to buy his silence just for a few platinum. Which is surprising considering that we are going to kill a few of his superiors.

As we entered the Corsair docks, the smell of crab stew caught our attention. Perhaps when I go back to the Command Post, I will ask Margrid for the recipe. I am interested in learning more about Corsair cuisine, so long as it does not require stolen ingredients. *laughs*

I remembered a conversation I had with Koss and Margrid a few days ago about this location. This is Freeman’s Cove. You can tell it is fairly active due to the care they put into maintaining the docks and the amount of boats stationed here. Margrid calls this place home, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she was lying about that too. This is just a small portion of the Corsair’s territory. Their largest outposts are only accessible by ship, and the locations are kept secret.

I checked the docks a few times to make sure that there were no unexpected guests to deal with.

My plan to draw the attention of a few groups worked well. The narrow passageway helped us defeat all three captains. Normally this would be a cause for celebration, but I know that the captains will just be replaced soon. All I have done is bought myself time to explore the Barbarous Shore.

It didn’t take long before something caught my attention. On the shore, locked away in a chest, there is a preserved red iris flower. Why would a Corsair keep such a thing? We wondered if it had been taken before the Searing in Ascalon, or if perhaps there is another area in Tyria where these grow.

To the West there is a smaller section where yet another Corsair captain can be found. The layout of this camp suggests that they have started a small community here. There are even some chickens to produce eggs.

After a long afternoon exploring, we helped ourselves to some of the Corsair’s ale and sat around their campfire talking about the war. Elwin, Ikk and I enjoyed sitting back and watching the clouds drift in the sky while we got to the bottom of our tankards. Its nice to have a moment to relax with your friends instead of worrying about the fate of the world.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items
Outposts: Camp Hojanu
Exits: None
Friends: Elwin L., Ikk D.E.