Jan 222011

After my journey through Moddok Crevice and arrival in Vabbi, I’ve bought some more time to explore the areas I passed through. Of course Varesh’s guards prepared for us and staged an ambush at the end of Bahdok Caverns. What I found surprising was the presence of “the Hunger”: a large demonic being. General Bayel and the beast tried to block entry to Vabbi, but we overpowered them. I don’t know why, but Varesh hasn’t taken us seriously since the initial invasion of Gandara. All of the foes I’ve had to face were never enough to halt my movement across Elona. Perhaps she is just trying to delay us while she focuses her energy elsewhere.

For now, I will be re-examining the Bahdok Caverns with my old friend Rajas I., an Elonian Elementalist. While others prefer to rush ahead and spend their free time “farming” money. I enjoy retracing my steps and learning more about the land, its people, and our enemies.

Not far in, we found the corpse of a lone corsair, laying head down in the shallow waters. This cavern is supposed to be their territory but Varesh is willing to turn over every rock here just to find a sunspear. Further on, I noticed some bridges with small huts on each end. I can’t imagine anyone getting sleep so close to a roaring waterfall. It must be a good spot for stashing goods or ambushing trespassers.

Besides Kournan guards and a few Corsairs, there is a sizeable beast population here. Their leader Wandalz the Angry was found near a campsite. Unlike the two other groups, the beasts are not as versatile in combat and can be harmless once you blind them.

Out of curiosity, I then headed to the spot where General Bayel and the Hunger waited for us. There were some Kournan guards stationed there, but no where near as many.

Waterfalls are plentiful in the Bahdok Caverns. They are delightful to watch and listen to.

Rajas and I rested for a bit by Mirmahk the collector’s campsite. I believe it once “belonged” to a band of Corsairs, but with their absence he has taken over the care of it. The campfire was kept well lit even before our arrival. With such lovely company around me, I brewed a pot of tea for us to drink. Ever since my journey across Cantha, I’ve kept a canister of tea leaves from Mount Qinkai with me. Our hot drink reinvigorated us and we set off to continue exploring the caverns.

I didn’t expect the landscape of the caverns to change so much. The ground became a bit softer as we approached these gates. It didn’t surprise us when a group of mandragors was waiting for us.

A large space in the ceiling let in bright sunlight and gave us a glimpse of some Vabbian houses above.

One of the mandragors’ many “leaders”, Joknang Earthturner, charged at us with his smaller brethren. I wondered whether his large size was due to a long life, a gift from the gods, or just the result of eating too many Corsairs.

With only one section of the caverns left to explore, Rajas and I ran eagerly towards our destination.

I could have never imagined that Bahdok Caverns contained such wonders. Its sad to think that if I had not come back to this location, I would have missed them!

Heket and djinn inhabit this portion of the caverns. It’s vital to take down the flame djinns first, as their fire magic can easily engulf your whole group.

Tucked away between a narrow corridor, there is a huge mound of treasure. At first we only encountered two heket warriors, but when Rajas picked up a coin, several immolated djinn appeared before us. We drew our weapons and attacked them before they had a chance to utter a spell. There was no way we could take the pile back with us, so we each took a golden item and some platinum coins, then quickly left the caverns to deposit our winnings into our Xunlai Agent vault boxes.

Prized Spoils: 5 golden items
Outposts: Modokk Crevice, Wehhan Terraces
Exits: None
Friends: Rajas I.