Nov 192010

After the Battle for Lion’s Arch, Captain Langmar died and Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray went missing. Everyone, especially Gwen and the Ebon Vanguards have been searching for his whereabouts since then.

Recently I got a tip from a farmer in Watchtower Coast, who found an odd arrowhead on the ground. I pocked it and headed back to the Eye of the North to see what the others had turned up.

Right away, Gwen noticed that this particular arrowhead belonged to Lieutenant Thackeray. (Wow that is a pretty impressive thing to remember.) She handed me one of his bows to use along with the scrying pool to… well, scry on him. Conveniently enough it worked and a clear picture started to form in the pool that detailed the lieutenant’s past events.

He looks fairly healthy, although a bit shaggy and needing a bath. There is a small group of Peacekeepers and a lone assassin up ahead that have caught his attention.

An assassin named Miku had an argument with the Peacekeepers and Keiran stepped in to help her out. She didn’t seem to want his help at first, but since it would even the odds a bit they agreed to team up.

Along the way Keiran found out that the White Mantle and the Peacekeepers ruined Miku’s new life in Kryta. This is why she is chasing Danthor; a White Mantle superior responsible for the loss of her loved ones.
When they caught up with him, he ordered several guards to stall them while he ran away! After the conflict the scrying device faded away.

Gwen was absolutely ecstatic (and a bit jealous of Miku). She begged me to find another object that would let us scry on him again. Now that I know how well Keiran is doing, I wasn’t all that worried about his whereabouts. However I was worried about what Gwen might do to me if I didn’t find more clues!