Sep 192009

This is the very last area of Ascalon I have to explore, and luckily for me the smallest as well!
I entered the Ascalon Foothills through Diessa Lowlands. When you head west and leave this zone, you enter into Traveler’s Vale. This is the only area connecting Ascalon with the Northern Shiverpeaks. After fighting some hydras and stone elementals I was greeted by this grim-looking face on an arch way.

Speaking of grim-looking faces, here is what’s left of a mural of the god, Grenth. Out of all the murals I have seen so far, this one is in the worst condition.

From a distance I spotted an unusual pile of rocks, when I got closer it turned out to be a crudely built headstone. It marks the spot where Oswalt Alston lies. Through stories, I have learned that he sacrificed himself to protect his family.

What a nice surprise! The world has won the gods favor and I came across a statue of Grenth. I knelt down and summoned the Voice of Grenth. When you speak to these avatars, you can pay the gods for a blessing.

The Ascalon Foothills are mostly populated by hydras, followed by stone elementals and singed oaks. Hydras are by far the most troublesome enemies. Groups of two or three of them will cast meteors on the first person they find!

Even here, we find charr prisons that once held human prisoners. It made me wonder how many they originally captured and how many died or escaped. Also nearby were more purple flowers, just like the ones I first spotted in The Breach.

This concludes my exploration of the Ascalon Foothills and the Ascalon area as a whole. My journey through Ascalon has given me a better understanding of why we fight the Charr and the resilience of mankind. Looking through all the ruins, it also makes me wonder what it was like to live here when King Doric ruled. What will life be like here in the future? Who will rule over Ascalon next and will it ever recover fully from the Searing?
However fascinating I find these lands, it is a huge relief to move on. It is hard to keep one’s spirits up when you are surrounded by death, decay and the shattered hopes and dreams of men.

Prized spoils: One ranger tome
Outposts: None
Diessa Lowlands, Traveler’s Vale