Oct 042010

Things have settled down a bit at the Sunspear Sanctuary. Koss was found in Arkjok Ward earlier in the holdings of the Kournan military. The brief calm since his rescue, gave me some extra time to explore the area where our friend was held. Today Cver D. is once again helping me explore Elona.

After we defeated a few monstrous insects by the gates of Yohlon Haven, we encountered some mandragors. I guess the word “some” is not correct. When you find one of them burrowing through the ground, more pop up. After you think the battle is over, even more of them pop up next to you. It is really irritating. Sometimes in the process of them burrowing up to the surface, dirt and rocks get in your face.
After all of that, I’m greeted by bleached bones and vultures; another reminder of how hostile this area is.

Past the mandragors, we walked up a small hill and got a better view of the area. The village on the left, was empty when we first walked past it. Looking back from the hill though, I swear I saw someone or something go inside.

As one can expect, this body of water attracts all sorts of wildlife. Nothing friendly of course, just vicious, blood thirsty wildlife. Why can’t more places be like the peaceful Zaishen Menagerie?

A windmill overlooks the impressive Kournan military fortress where Koss was held for a short time. For a moment I thought about bringing him along on this exploration, but I feared he would rush into battle too often. I prefer to stand out of sight and lure enemies with my longbow, not rush in shouting obscenities. It’s too bad Koss isn’t more like my friend Cver! You can supposedly tell these “heroes” like Koss what to do, but they are nowhere as skilled as true adventurers such as myself.

As we approached the Kournans, they fired off some warning shots. Wave after wave of Kournans came out and attacked us. So long as you stick to eliminating the priests and scribes right away, the rest fall quickly enough. When all that is left are guards, throwing some dirt in their eyes lets you finish them off with ease. They aren’t intimidating when all of their attacks miss.

Inside we found their leader: the Acolyte of Grenth. He sucked life out of whatever he hit. This may seem devastating, but it actually wasn’t all that bad. When I fought the Acolyte of Melandru, I couldn’t use my bow to pin her down or inflict a nasty wound that bleeds heavily. Being able to inflict these conditions on the acolyte was a big help. Whatever life force he stole from us, we dealt back in double.

With my exploration of the area almost complete (or at least according to my map), we headed north to the farmlands. Would you really be surprised if I said I didn’t encounter at least a few Kournans there? No one was happy to see us. Not the farmers and especially not the Kournan military. I tried making amends with the farmers, but they shooed me off and cursed at me for bringing trouble.

Not far from those farmers, we found a bit of buried treasure. It must be something the Kournan guards stashed here. Cver and I helped ourselves to some golden items and gold pieces. Eager to “redistribute” our new wealth, we said goodbye and parted ways.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: Yohlon Haven, Command Post, Pogahn Passage
Exits: Marga Coast, Jahai Bluffs
Friends: Cver D.