Jun 252010

In Cavalon while I waited for my friends to arrive, I chatted up some of the Luxons to learn more about their culture. Elder Rhea told me that the gods only value strength, and that is why the Kurzicks are doomed to fall in battle at the hands of the Luxons. As much as I wanted to have a debate about what only one god may want (Balthazar), I kept these thoughts to myself. Next I talked to Rasmus, who explained why their turtles are so huge. They use the magic found in jade and amber to enhance their size. The Kurzicks have the amber the Luxons need and the Luxons have the jade the Kurzicks need. This is just one of many reasons why both sides are constantly at war. Before I could talk to anyone else, my friends Xia, Catfish and R. Wulf arrived so we set out to explore Archipelagos together.

On one of the boats I found what appear to be freshly caught fish. They must be preserved somehow, because I doubt that anyone on the Jade Sea has fished in 200 years!

We headed to the large island filled with Naga and found a waterfall. I didn’t expect to find running water out here, so this was a nice treat.

The Naga appear to be living in these huts. I found the same living arrangement in Haiju Lagoon on Shing Jea Island.

Arena Master Portus was eager to sign us up to battle in his arena. We would have to fight against convicted criminals and monsters of the Jade Sea. At first I tried to politely turn down his generous offer. Then he suggested that we were no better than the champions of the Turtle, Crab and Serpent clans. If we wanted to prove him otherwise we would have to fight his opponents and gain the crowd’s adoration. My companions were ready to charge into battle, but I explained to Portus that this sort of thing is beneath us and we are on a quest to defeat Shiro Tagachi. Battling in an arena only wastes our time, just like the Convocation. We were promptly booted out of their arena. Not that I care!

A small shell partially buried under some sand intrigued me. When I got in closer to pick it up I noticed that there was no animal attached to it. I wondered how long this shell has been here.

Then I found a much larger shell, although it was obvious which creature it was attached to. When I got closer, its mouth opened wide as it yawned. It kind of startled me because it is certainly big enough to eat me whole!

The Luxon way of life has suffered greatly now that they can no longer sail the sea. I suppose you could say they were like pirates. Now they must walk everywhere, or make use of their leviathan wind ships.

Most of the Luxon architecture you see is designed to be constructed quickly and then dismantled just as quickly to fit their nomadic life style. Even Elder Rhea moves around from place to place with her clan and subjects.

I celebrated our speedy exploration of Archipelagos with my friends Catfish, R. Wulf, and Xia. Being kicked out of the jade arena seemed to bother my Luxon friends a bit, but I am sure that they will get over it soon.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, one ritualist tome, one warrior tome
Outposts: Cavalon, Breaker Hallow, Jade Flats
Exits: Maishang Hills
Friends: Catfish J., R. Wulf, Xia H.D.