Jun 152010

Not too long ago, Danika led me into Arborstone to retrieve the Urn of Saint Viktor in order to defeat Shiro at Sunjiang District. This area houses a giant cathedral that is no longer used very much due to the monster population. As a non-Kurzick, I can only assume this must be a devastating loss for their culture because they are very religious. Once peaceful wardens now fill the cathedral and attack all humans on sight. Before the Jade Wind hit the Echovald Forest, these wardens were actually passive and acted as guardians of the forest spirit. Since all the trees have been turned to stone, this forest spirit has been wounded and perhaps gone a bit crazy. Today Catfish J., S. Fangastic, Celtic E., Tico C., and Pulviose T.R. will be helping me explore my first Kurzick area.

Behind the grand entrance to the cathedral, there is a statue atop a massive pipe organ.

Above, there is just a tangle of trees that prevent sunlight from passing through. As one can imagine, this gives all of the Kurzick areas a gloomy feel; like it’s always night time.

Like the Am Fah, warden rangers love to lay traps in narrow corridors.

This lovely little room is easy to miss because it’s so dark in this portion of the cathedral. I only found it because I heard some wardens making noises. I’m not sure what it is used for though.

It felt very strange to fight stone statues that had come to life. This one in particular seems to be a monk and a leader of its kind. Every adventurer knows that the easiest way to cut through enemy forces is to go for their monks first.

Catfish was not happy about being so deep into Kurzick territory because he has sworn his allegiance to the Luxons. Personally, I am not very attached to either side. My allegiance is with Emperor Kisu, and I hope that one day he will unite the Kurzicks and Luxons with the rest of Cantha. Unfortunately the second Emperor of Cantha led a crusade against the Kurzicks and the Luxons which is why the two factions do not trust the emperor anymore.

I was relieved that the two stone guardians didn’t spring to life and attack me while I was admiring the beautiful craftsmanship on the stained glass.

I think that water has begun to flood this part of the cathedral, because of the wear and tear caused by the wardens and the lack of maintenance on the building.

Moving on, my eyes were drawn to a stone wall with figures carved into it. When I looked up, I noticed that the structure has a lot more intricate detail and the full size of it disappears into the treetops.

Another leader of the stone guardians was waiting for us at the end of a hallway. I equipped my longbow and tried to only draw his attention, but still the statues around him sprung to life and attacked us.

Outside of the area where we fought the other group of stone guardians, we found a nice plaza with well kept hedges. I wonder if some Kurzicks come here to trim the hedges, or if the wardens themselves do the upkeep.

In the distance I spotted a carriage with a wallow on top. During my quest to reach Arborstone and seek out Danika’s help, the wallow acts like a hamster in a wheel and operates this device.

Beyond the cathedral walls, the northern part of Arborstone is filled with water. Many plant creatures such as Undergrowths and Dragon moss can be found here, including unholy Stone Scale Kirin.

While knee deep in water, I looked up for guidance as we progressed through the area. Unfortunately I can no longer use the sky to track our progress, instead I must use the Kurzick structures as landmarks to guide us. Even though we are “out in the open”, it feels like we are trapped underground.

The Jade Wind may have turned the Luxon’s water into actual solid jade, but the Echovald Forest’s water supplies remain untouched. What a strange catastrophe.

Huge mushrooms generate a cloud of spores that sickens and hampers your attempts to accurately fight in battle.

Deep into an area below the surface, we found a large group of dredge, wallows, and blood drinkers. I have no idea what the dredge are doing so far from Sorrow’s Furnace. I can’t imagine that they dug all the way here. Why not go to some place a bit closer to home, like the Maguuma Jungle or the Crystal Desert? If they truly want to be alone they should avoid areas with humans!

Until I got to the bottom of this bridge, I thought it had been crafted out of stone. The detail on the bridge signifies that it is petrified wood.

I wonder if the abundance of overgrowth was part of the cathedral’s planning or not.

At the end of my exploration I guided my companions to the center of the cathedral so we could make our way back to Altrumm Ruins. This place is built like a maze and easy to get lost in. I thanked my friends Pulviose T.R., Celtic E., Catfish J., Tico C. and S. Fangastic for their support. I really appreciate all the help I can get.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, one necromancer tome, and two elite necromancer tomes
Outposts: Altrumm Ruins, Arborstone outpost
Exits: None
Friends: Catfish J., S. Fangastic, Celtic E., Tico C., Pulviose T.R.