Nov 252011

Due to the size of Arbor Bay, Elwin and I didn’t waste any time in Vlox’s Falls outpost before starting today’s exploration. In our hurry, we ran into a group of krait at full speed. To make matters worse, it was led by an even greater krait skilled with healing magic. After much shouting and many agonizing shocks of lightning from the lesser krait, we managed to kill them. Then we took a moment to recover and look at our surroundings before dashing off again.

The view outside of Vlox’s Falls of the Arbor Bay area is breathtaking. Calm sparkling waters, a variety of lush green plants, a few clouds in the sky, and the sound of waterfalls in the distance.

Walking around this initial area, we noticed some large trees on a mountain in the distance. It also made me think about the waters of Arbor Bay. According to my map, these waters should be connected with the Sea of Sorrows.

Following the waters to the southern edge, we found a few mangroves by the watery passage that connects with the sea.

This slice of paradise is also filled with monsters only native to the Tarnished Coast region. The landscape supports a a diverse set of monsters, such as krait, simians, drakes, large spiders, vicious plants, wind riders and incubii.

The north-west portion is dark and littered with ruins, though I am not sure who they belong to, since the asura lived underground until recently. Groups of colossal mushrooms and bioluminescent plants thrive in this darkness and the incubii love to hide along the pathway to scare and attack travelers.

I didn’t truly appreciate the beauty of this north west area until we cleared it of enemies. Several waterfalls on the cliffside feed into a deep canyon below. Since this part of the Tarnished Coast is not inhabited by humans or many asura, the plantlife here grows wild.

There is also a large pyramid laying tilted on the northern cliff. I wonder how long this has been here and how it came to be sinking to one side.

Elwin and I then headed south, always stopping to take a look around us at the beautiful scenery whenever not being attacked by something vicious. The waters here are nice and shallow, just the perfect height to walk in without too much trouble.

Nearing the end of our walk around the southern edge, Elwin and I found a strange sight. A powerful fanged ayahauasca plant creature named Altitta Guilebloom was being worshiped by other plants, and their meeting was guarded by several wind riders and savage oakhearts. It wasn’t long before they noticed us and we were attacked.

We ended our exploration by heading to the island at the center of the south-west lake. I heard a few stories about it in Vlox’s Falls before our exploration, so I was eager to see the young tree and it’s companions.

Standing next to the young tree was our old friend Ventari from the Maguuma Jungle. There are also several shining blade members, including Ronan who gave Ventari the seed that sprouted into this unusual young tree, and another centaur named Ehrgen Windmane. Everyone here has come to live on this island due to the troubles in Kryta with the White Mantle. We felt obligated to lend a hand somehow and gave them some gifts. For starters, Elwin and I reinforced their island with a few traps; arcane and natural to deter the wind riders. Then returned briefly to Vlox’s Falls to retrieve a few large items from my vault box. I returned with a few items from my travels around Tyria: a large canister of tea from Mount Qinkai, an old Ascalonian cookbook, and some fine cloth from Vabbi. It’s not much, but I hope it makes their stay here even more enjoyable.

Prized Spoils: 6 golden items
Outposts: Vlox’s Falls
Exits: Riven Earth, Alcazia Tangle, Shards of Orr
Friends: Elwin L.