Mar 172012

Elwin and I departed from the only outpost located in Alcazia Tangle: Tarnished Haven. It is a small refuge for Krytans who disagree with the current White Mantle leadership of their homeland. Some of them belong to the Shining Blade. Others just fear for their lives and are hoping for change. This section of the Tarnished Coast that the Krytans have fled to is filled with the typical features you’d expect; lush vegetation and bloodthirsty monsters.

As I was about to speak with the asura krewe member, some loud mouth named Shing Jea Sherman came running out of the Tarnished Haven outpost and begged us to take him along on our adventure. He works with the Monastery Gazette and was looking for some juicy stories to write about. I vaguely remember him shouting in the Tarnished Haven about our accomplishments, but never paid him much attention. Usually when people approach me they want something, like money. *laughs* Sherman promised to stay out of our way and not get injured. He seemed very eager to follow us, so I reluctantly agreed to his request.

Walking through the wilderness, asura structures are a common sight. I think that this area looks fine without any buildings, but at least the asura do not clear too  much land for their needs. If the Stone Summit ever took over such an area, I’d fear it would look like the mess they created that is Sorrow’s Furnace.

This is the same type of straw material I found that was used for housing in Magus Stones. In that area it was inhabited by hylek, so I’m not entirely sure who or what designed these. Perhaps the previous residents of the Tarnished Coast had a hand in this. I still find it hard to believe the asura would use such a primitive material like straw, for this archway. And there are no hylek here, so I’d rule them out as well.

Pretty much all of the promises Sherman made to us were quickly broken. He had no concept of “personal space” and would always get in my way during combat. I tried reasoning with him that he’ll get injured or a monster might tear apart what’s he writing, but he refused to listen to me. Oh, I almost forgot to mention he also critiques us on how well we did in battle, even going so far as to insult us when we didn’t destroy all the spirits. Somehow I just know that all of this writing for the Monastery Gazette is only going to tarnish my reputation.

Like much of the Tarnished Coast, Alcazia Tangle is a lush, vibrant area filled with vegetation. One potential problem is that everything looks the same and an inexperience adventurer could get lost. Elwin and I are no strangers to exploring unknown areas, and we keep track of our position with a map.

Not only are there a lot of trees here, but you can also find a wide variety of flowers. The thought of all this flora made me think about the horticulturists of Vabbi. So I took a few notes about our findings to share with them before moving on.

Looking out into the waters, the asura have even built a a pillar on an island. I’m not entirely sure what purpose they serve, but they have built these all over the place.

Towards the end our exploration we listened in on a conversation between some asura. Oggy was trying to impress Jezza, but his small ears brought ridicule from Jezza’s friend Florggi. When the two asura ladies had walked away, Oggy asked if I would bring him two taro leaves, thinking that wearing them would give him the appearance of having “a big pair of sexy ears”.

It didn’t take us long to find the taro plant. In fact it was near the location where Elwin and I had looked out into the sea at the asuran pillar.

I gave the taro leaves to Oggy, who asked us to come back later when Jezza and Florgii would return. When we arrived, he was already chatting them up. Florggi found them repulsive, but Jezza was charmed by Oggy’s new cute ears. Elwin remarked that the asura don’t look so clever this way, and I have to say I agree with him on that.

Nearby is a small asura settlement, and their preliminary work makes me think that they’ll setup a port here eventually. Currently only a few guards and commoners have made the effort to travel out here.

Looking inside the building, the asura have what looks to be a few essential items for everyday living. I asked one of the asura commoners for some recipes but he just completely ignored me. Perhaps he was thinking “maybe if I stay still and ignore her, she’ll go away!”. It’s great that we have these new asura allies, but would it hurt them to teach us more about their culture?

With the exploration of Alcazia Tangle complete, my goal of seeing all of Tyria’s newly discovered lands is at an end. Now all that’s left for me to do is explore a few areas in the Depths of Tyria and join our new allies to defeat the Destroyers. To celebrate our achievements today and for all of Elwin’s help this year, I shared some pumpkin pie and sweets to show my thanks.

Prized spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Tarnished Haven
Exits: Arbor Bay, Riven Earth, Magus Stones
Friends: Elwin L.