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Hello, my name is Dorothy. Originally I created this blog to share tips on how to vanquish an area, but I’ve come to realize I can do so much more!

A Tyrian Odyssey is written from the perspective of my Canthan ranger: D. W. Kirin. She explores the world of Tyria based on the in-game timeline. Fellow adventurers join her in the quest to visit every corner of the world of Tyria. Each blog entry on an explorable area contains lore and multiple screenshots.
I delve into the lore as much as possible. The main lore of Guild Wars remains untouched as I retell it in the blog entries. I stick with official lore found in the game itself and the manuals. My character also expresses her opinions on the official lore, but I make it clear when she is speculating. My research comes from the game, the official wiki (quests, dialogue, missions, timelines), the official website, and the manuals.
My goal was to share the sights of Guild Wars with everyone: from new comers to veterans. Upon completion of the game, there are a lot of things you can overlook. My blog makes it easy to unearth those details. In the Adventures section, you have the option to choose which continent, region, and explorable area to visit. I even include entries on newer events such as the War in Kryta. When Guild Wars 2 is released, I plan on covering that too. Thank you for checking out my blog. If you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch with me.

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Note for lawyers: This is a non-profit fan project designed to praise and promote Guild Wars. I do not make any money off this website. There are no ads and there never will be any. Every character/friend/ally listed on my blog has agreed to their name being put here. I do not assume to be affiliated with anything official.