Nov 192010

I got another tip, this time from a group of adventurers trying to find Nichloas the Traveler in Majesty’s Rest and bumping into wraiths instead. They headed into the Sage Lands to seek shelter. One of them tripped over a tarnished emblem on the ground.
I traveled there to investigate it and brought it back to the Eye of the North, hoping that it would give us more clues.

That tarnished emblem certainly worked. The scrying pool started to swirl and slowly a clear picture formed before us.
Keiran and Miku were up to their eyeballs in bugs while they were chasing after Danthor. I found it somewhat hard to concentrate on the scrying pool while Gwen was groaning at Miku.

Luckily for them the White Mantle only stationed a few of their men in Majesty’s Rest. None of the enemies had a chance against Miku’s “Promise of Death” and Keiran’s Sniper Shot.

Ahh yes… Up ahead where Keiran is pointing is where I found that tattered emblem. This is no doubt where Danthor was killed. I was not worried about the outcome of this battle but Gwen was.

I only had a few opportunities to team up with the lieutenant during the War in Kryta. I didn’t notice then how skilled he was. During the battle with Danthor, I noticed him using a nature’s blessing to heal both himself and Miku. Now I am looking forward to speaking with him and learning this secret technique!

Like before, the scrying pool faded out just when things were getting interesting. Before I lost sight of them, they chatted and agreed to continue following the White Mantle into the Maguuma Jungle. This worries me. I hope that the “unseen ones” truly are gone for good now or Keiran and Miku might find themselves at their doorstep.

Gwen bursted out into tears while I was thinking to myself. She was so upset that Keiran was enjoying Miku’s company while they hunted the White Mantle. It’s clear that she regrets not showing more affection to him earlier. I tried comforting her and insisting that Keiran doesn’t have any feelings for Miku. Gwen trusts my wisdom so she regained her composure.

I find it enjoyable to watch Keiran’s adventures with Miku in the scrying pool, even if the grinding of Gwen’s teeth can be audible at times. I hope we can catch up with Keiran eventually.