Jun 132010

After dealing with Wiliem the Demeaning in Riverside Province, Salma asked adventurers to go after a Mursaat named Aily the Innocent in Divinity Coast. The last mission I went on was not difficult, but made easier with the aid of friends, so I asked Catfish R., and Kaoru T.L. to accompany me on this new quest. The way into Divinity Coast required us to visit the secret passage in Talmark Wilderness beyond this river.

I spoke with Livia about our plans, and she informed us that we need to get a key in Shaemoor. On our way there, we passed through the swampy area that once was filled with undead. Now only White Mantle and Peacekeepers can be found here. We tried to stick to the raised land because the water can quickly poison you if it touches your flesh.

It took us awhile, but we finally reached Shaemoor. I remember traveling through here to deliver the chosen ones to the White Mantle. If only I knew then what I know now.

Straight ahead of us in a fortified keep, Cairn the Beserker and a group of White Mantle held onto a key we needed to make our way to Aily the Innocent.

While fighting Cairn the Beserker, Vess the Disputant here decided to join in on the action too. The combination of being struck by spectral agony and running out of Vess’ searing heat almost proved to be too much to handle. By sticking to one enemy at a time, we eventually defeated them and took Cairn’s key.

Within the keep, you can get a nice view of the Shaemoor coast and the Giant’s Basin waters.

We returned to Zinn’s lab where he gave us beacons that summon exploding golems. Before I could express my concerns about being hurt in the explosion, he explained to us that the outburst only affects our enemies. I’m not sure how that works, but I’ll trust him.

He had an endless amount of these beacons, so we decided to test it out while we were at his lab. The explosions generated a very loud noise and bright light as the golem bombs were created and detonated. So loud in fact, I cannot believe that no White Mantle showed up at the lab to investigate the noise. Kaoru and Catfish took the beacons along with us to Loamhurst. I would have also brought one, but I needed my hands free to strike enemies down with my bow.

Loamhurst was just bursting with White Mantle guards. It took us a long while just to fight our way past the entry gate!

I found Justicar Sevaan along the way and killed him along with the group of ten White Mantle forces he was commanding.

It was incredibly tiring to fight through all of those enemies, and when we reached Aily the Innocent we had to deal with jade constructs and a Mursaat. Catfish R. and Kaoru dropped their beacons on Aily to weaken it, while our henchmen and myself unleashed all of our attacks. If we had any chance against this group, it was best to take out the Mursaat, who was a monk. After he fell, the jade constructs crumbled and we let out a heavy sigh of relief.

Princess Salma gave us a generous reward of two platinum, five royal gifts and one medal of honor for the mission. Kaoru asked us if we knew what these medals were used for, but we couldn’t think of an answer. Perhaps when this war ends we will finally figure it out. I hope that it is soon, because my backpack is starting to become a burden with all these medals I have been awarded.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: Catfish R., Kaoru T.L.